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Oct 4, 2014

Anonymous said: Hey! I'm not a Muslim, but am very interested in Islam. I was just confused about something though; aren't makeup and high heels either haram or against the Islamic idea of the hijab? because high heels force the body into an unnatural posture and the purpose of makeup is to enhance beauty. Could you please explain? Thank you in advance.

Although you’ve raised a valid point, the purpose of my blog is to depict a modest interpretation of western fashion. As i’m not a scholar in islam i wouldn’t be able to tell you whether or not this  portrayal of islamic modesty is permissible, but as a designer i’m feeding off  its unique creativity. As a young muslim myself living in a western country, i try to improve my personal imaan and connection with ALLAH, whilst being mindful of my modesty( whether that means style or not) and representation of islam to others. 

ps thank you for the question and sorry for the ambiguous answer. 

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modest mynxx
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modest mynxx

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@zee_chahine for @mash__style By: @langstonhues  Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. #langstonhues #mashstyle #intlhues #detroit
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@zee_chahine for @mash__style By: @langstonhues
Detroit, Michigan U.S.A.
#langstonhues #mashstyle #intlhues #detroit

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